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Spring: perfect time for a new household member


Spring: perfect time for a new household member

Spring is a time when we wake up with nature and feel a surge of energy. At this time, it is worthwhile to choose to bring home a puppy and spend time walkig and playing with a dog during extending spring days. Before making a decision to get a dog, check what breed to choose and how to prepare for the welcome of the new household member.

How to prepare to get a puppy?

Konrad Lorez used to say, “There is no friendship in the world that lasts forever”. The only exception is the one the dog gives us.

Spring is the perfect time to join a group of people who can enjoy this unique kind of friendship and adopt a puppy. It is worth to use longer and sunny days and positive energy for walking with the puppy and socializing the animal, teaching it to make relationships with people and other dogs. Before you decide to adopt a puppy, ask yourself the most important questions of the future dog owner. First of all, consider whether you will have enough time to take care of the puppy that may require a lot of attention and commitment from the family members. Keep in mind that small and medium breeds have completely different requirements than big ones. While the puppy does not need much space, it is always good to keep in mind that in several months it will turn into an adult dog that will need a lot more space.

Beagle: friendly breed with cheerful disposition

If you do not have a large apartment or home, but do not want to give up the joy of spending time together with your dog, consider the puppies of small and medium breeds such as beagle. It is a breed of hunting origin and innate curiosity of the world, and its representative will be the best companion for an active lifestyle. Beagle is the smallest hound, accompanying the English lords since 14th century during the hunt for bunnies and foxes. It is hardly surprising that nowadays, these charming little dogs have world-wide fan clubs. Beagle puppies are willing to play, so they are one of the best breeds for children, for whom they become inseparable companions and friends for many years. They are naturally active and curious, so the apartment should be well prepared for their arrival: in the meantime it is worth removing unstable equipment that may endanger the safety of the puppy. It is worth remembering that beagles are active animals, so long walks and fun activities are not only indicated but even required: without them our favourite will be exposed to obesity. Before taking a puppy home , we should prepare a layette consisting of a comfortable bed, a lead and muzzle, toys and a set of bowls and food for young dogs. Puppy food has a different composition than adult dog food, and specially selected ingredients will guarantee a harmonious health and development of a dog.

How to spend time with a beagle puppy?

Raising a puppy is a task that requires a lot of engagement, and sometimes also a sacrifice. In return, however, we receive the friendship and companionship of a loyal companion, which fully compensates for the effort made. Deciding on a dog, remember that food is not enough for a beagle: it is also necessary to engage in its upbringing. An opportunity to socialize can involve outdoor games, where we can teach the puppy the most important principles of domestic cohabitation in a form that is enjoyable for both. In the case of a young beagle, it is extremely important to provide it with opportunities for physical activities: long walks and outdoor fun is an opportunity for the dog to satisfy natural curiosity and a way to ensure its healthy development.

Ideas for playing together

Walking with beagles is a fun way to keep our pet healthy and learn how to co-work with humans. One of the most popular games is fetching using a toy or a simple stick found during a walk. Teaching a puppy how to fetch can involve teaching how to catch a thrown object and give it back to a human and then bringing a toy thrown over a distance. Another fun game that will provide a beagle with a lot of positive emotions is to find items hidden in a newspaper, blanket or behind a bush in a park. We can start this game with hiding delicacies, and the dog’s task will be to find them and get it out of the hide, such as a wrapped sheet of paper. Over time we can practice with toys and everyday objects, each time praising the dog when it can find its reward.


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